Frank Recruitment Group’s year in review with St. Martin’s School 2019

In 2019, Frank Recruitment Group paired with St. Martin’s School in Nairobi, Kenya as our global charity of the year. The school, located in the Kibagare slum, is the second-largest slum in Nairobi and home to over 20,000 people. Life is bleak, there is very little access to clean water, and sanitation is poor. Poverty, substance abuse, and sickness are everyday occurrences. HIV is the biggest killer in the slum. When Frank Recruitment Group heard about St. Martin’s School, we were instantly drawn to their mission to help educate children, giving them the tools and supplies needed to succeed.

At the start of 2019, we set a fundraising target of $37.5k. To our amazement, we thrashed this goal as a business, raising just over $50k for St. Martin’s School. Our employees’ donations have gone towards funding high-speed internet access for the primary and secondary school, hardware, software, desks, chairs, lesson planners, whiteboards for two tech hubs – with a third on its way – and provided English and Math books for every primary school child.

We strongly believe in supporting corporate social responsibility as a business and want to give all employees the chance to get involved! Our employees have the opportunity to visit St. Martin’s on an annual basis, with the week spent working with the primary and secondary children in their classrooms on arts and crafts workshops, setting up Frank Recruitment Group mentoring sessions, and working as a team to feed 2,000 children from the Kibagare community at the school’s Saturday kitchen program.

For our employees who wish to get involved locally, we offer internal charity days for all global offices. In 2019, we saw massive fundraising from our NYC office, where employees hosted an off-site golf outing followed by dinner and drinks. In London, our employees hosted a pharmacy drive, donating necessary toiletries such as toothbrushes, hair ties, and more. And in Singapore, the office hosted a silent auction with items donated from local businesses. Frank Recruitment Group also hosted global fundraising days in such as Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Employees donated $5 each to dress down while donating to a great cause. One of the most eventful days for the charity was our internal sales day, where employees got to dress up in circus themed outfits, participating in games throughout the day. Our London office went above and beyond, hosting a FIFA donation-based competition throughout the day.

Two of our most popular fundraising initiatives are salary contributions and sponsoring a child. Employees can choose to have a monetary donation taken directly from their paycheck monthly to donate directly to the charity. Donations start as low as $2 and can range to $50. We also offer an exclusive sponsor program, where employees are paired with a student, funding their needs for the year such as books, new shoes, and food. The sponsors receive beautiful letters from their students bi-monthly, and our Employee Engagement team creates an exclusive sponsor newsletter, providing updates on the school.

The opportunities with Frank Recruitment Group’s CSR program are endless! We are thrilled our employees have taken such as active engagement towards this amazing cause. If you are interested in getting involved with St. Martin’s School, please email a member of the Employee Engagement Team at

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